Henry and Lin Kingsnorth

What a privilege & honour it is to be involved in Canal Ministries. We knew God wanted us on the waterways but we didn’t know we would be involved in something as exciting as this, and feel we have been truly blessed!

We have been married 39years and have 3 children – Jez, Claire & Liam; 7 grandchildren, 3 boys & 4 girls, and one great-grandson and another on the way.

We bought our boat TRINITY in 2002 & started living on it end of march 2005. Living in a 70 ft by 6ft corridor 24 :7 soon tests your compatibility with one another & so far its good

Living & working on the canals is exciting , its easy to talk to people because they want to be there whether its for relaxation , holidays or because they live on the boats.

There is also another side of why people are on the canals, people who have had relatoinship  proplems ,people with financial difficulties & people who are homeless

On board we carry Bibles ,Christian literature, tracts, blankets & sleeping bags. We hope we can be a blessing to everybody we meet by sharing Gods love.