Sue and Andy Smith

Here is a little about Andy and I.

The Lord opened the way for us to take early retirement and he also led the way for us to live on narrowboat with the purpose of sharing our faith in Jesus Christ with others, through actions as well as words, when appropriate. We named our boat ‘Spring Water’ for various reasons, but by far the most important was that it reminds of the indwelling Holy Spirit. In John 4:14 Jesus says to the Samaritan woman that the water he gives will become in the person ‘….a spring of water welling up to eternal life’. Indeed, when we put our faith in Jesus we are at that moment filled with the Holy Spirit, which is like a spring of water flowing through us and overflowing from us, keeping us close to Jesus and filling us with the knowledge of his presence in our lives.  We can honestly say that no matter what the circumstances this has certainly been our experience over the 30 years that we have been blessed to know Jesus as our Saviour and Lord.

Indeed, he has led us and guided us along life’s path, which has included living in the Far and Middle East; certainly we can say along David from Psalm 139:9  that ‘…if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.’ He has held us fast to him wherever we have lived.

During our time together, we have been incredibly blessed to have two wonderful children. I say children but they are both adults now (how time flies!). Daniel is 23 and works as an IT consultant/project manager for a company that offers business solutions and he lives in Bristol. Michelle is 20 and is studying Theology at the University of Nottingham.

Andy has loved boating all his life and Sue used to sail with her father and siblings as a child. Andy is good at all things technical and loves a challenge. Both Sue and Andy love chatting to folk along the towpath; inviting some aboard for cups of tea and cake. Sue also has a heart for children, having fostered small children for several years and then run a pre-school.

If you ever see a bright lime green boat called ‘Spring Water’ as you walk along the towpath, do say ‘hello’ – we’d love to meet you.

God Bless, Andy and Sue