An Important Message

canal ministriesThis may be the most important thing you ever read in your life.If you are not a Christian, you may not know what we believe. This is the Gospel (Good news) in a nutshell:
God created the world and mankind. He made you and He loves you and He wants you to know and love Him.

God has given us free choice about this but mankind went against God’s wishes and rebelled.

Man today still wants to go his own way, and as a result, none of us are good enough for God. God still loves us, though, and He still wants us to love and respect Him.

That is why He sent his son Jesus to live a perfect life amongst us as a man. Jesus willingly took the blame for everything bad that we have ever done, and He received our punishment by dying a terrible death on the cross.

The good news is that God accepted the sacrifice that Jesus made, and raised Him to life again. The punishment has been paid for all our bad thoughts and deeds, and we can live in a good relationship with God once again.

All we have to do is to accept that this is true, admit our failings, and ask Jesus, through prayer, to help us to be the person that God wants us to be.

There is not enough space here to go into detail, but if you would like more information, or someone to help you understand this better, please phone any of the following:

Peter Atwill 07801562483