Posted by Kairos on the move on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Not posted on here for a while but thought this might interest you.
I was just reflecting on where we have been in the last 3 Years. The people we have seen, the places we have seen and the opportunities we have had. One step of faith, one opportune moment in time, one Kairos moment and from it so much has happened.
We have seen so many different people I would not even attempt to name because I would miss people out.
We have traveled by car, train and boat across the country, going as far north as Barnoldswick and as far south as Dover in the East and Exeter in the west.
God created a perfect world, then he let man loose on it and it still looks pretty good.
The one thing over this time I have battled with God over is; all the illness and pain people go through. It’s not easy when those who you love, those around you are suffering even when you pray unceasingly. Sometimes it seem our Father is inactive.
Over 2000 years God sent his Son Jesus to die on a cross, Jesus just before he died said It is finished! What did he mean? Did it mean all suffering would end? Did he mean it would end all wars? Did he mean all hunger would end?
No, what I believe he meant was that he had made a way to access heaven, where all pain, suffering and sorrow ends, all we need to do is accept him as our Saviour, believe in him, accept we have done wrong and say sorry. We then have life in its fullness and when we leave this world, as hard or as easy as this journey has been, we will enter the kingdom of heaven where we will have life for ever more.
Perhaps it might seem a bit twee or perhaps wrong but try to think about what God knows, he has so much more for us than this world could ever give us. We just need to trust him.