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Narrowboat Kairos Newsletter Spring 2021

Chris and Sally cruising in the rain. 
Cruising in the rain.

A new year and Spring is coming. There is no doubt about the difficulties the world faces today and the uncertainty of not knowing what is next. The world has faced these challenges for many more years than we would like to recognise. The truth is Covid-19 has emphasised and put a glaring spotlight on this.

When we write these news updates, we want to encourage people as they read our news. But, we are also realistic and want to recognise that life at the moment is difficult for us all. Sally often says we are all in the same storm, just in different boats. This is so true.

However, we can read about many people in the bible who had difficult times. Some respond positively (Paul), some have a time of lamenting (Paul), some pray there way through it Paul). Paul is a great example to read. He wrote many letters in the New Testament and he shows his struggles. He is realistic, he is encouraging, he challenges. But he always comes back to the place of prayer!

Let us pray for each other and remember to be empathetic to each other's needs. By doing this, we believe our faith will be strenthened in a living God who is unchanging, the same today, tomorrow and forever. If you read this and struggle with this, please contact us; we would like to listen to your story, pray and share our faith with you.

View from the bow deck of a leaf covered canal. 

We are currently based on the North Stratford canal and have been here for the winter. I think our lives are similar to many at this time. We have not been far, apart from work. Although Lockdown has been in place, Chris works in a college and has worked hard to try to keep abreast of the ever changing tides. He also continues to carry out Plumbing, Heating and Gas work - obviously wearing a mask and/or at a social distance. Not always easily done when fixing a gas cooker on a narrowboat.

We have had chance to share our faith to those in the marina around us and whilst Chris is out working. Please pray that these people will know the goodness of God in their lives. There are so many sad stories we hear: loneliness, broken families, loved ones dying. Pray that God brings comfort for those going through these things at this time.

Although it is looking unlikely that we will be able to run a full outreach mission again this year, we do hope to meet up on the Grand Union and just be available for God to use. So, from the 12 June for a week, we will be moored up in the Water Eaton area, near to Milton Keynes. We will be following Government guidelines and, by that time, hopefully 30 of us should be able to congregate outside. It will be a time of preparation for a return to a full mission in 2022!

We value prayer that God will guide us and keep us safe as we go about Sharing His Love on the waterways.

In His Name
Chris and Sally Buck
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Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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A snow-covered Kairos moored up on the North Stratford Canal. 
A Winter Mooring..