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Elaine Cordon & Sandra Kibble

Tamworth Newsletter Summer 2018

Sandra Kibble - one half of the Tamworth Team. 
Sandra Kibble - one half of the Tamworth Team.

Although no longer waterways based, God continues to give us an open door in our ministry to those with mental health issues.

Sandra goes into the local mental health hospital, as she has done faithfully for many years, to chat with patients and pray for their needs. And when Elaine comes across to Tamworth, we go into a local residental home; again for those suffering with their mental health. We lead an informal service containing singing, drama and Bible teaching. We were thrilled last time to be asked by a member of staff to pray for their maintenance man who has cancer.

About half the home’s residents join us, and many are keen to have us pray with them afterwards. David and Barrie both feel their physical health has improved with prayer. We were able to give every resident a Christmas gift from Canal Ministries; also several people requested a Bible, which they now have.

We long to make more of a difference in this place, and are seeking God about how to bring His light and love in so that it is truly ‘home’ for them.

Please pray that God will show us the next step forward. Thankyou.

In His Name
Elaine Cordon and Sandra Kibble

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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