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Elaine Cordon & Sandra Kibble

Tamworth Newsletter Summer 2019

Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains. 
Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains.

Sandra and Elaine continue to go into a local residential home for mental health issues, which always leaves us buzzing, and feeling totally blessed by the people we are seeking to serve. These people so appreciate what is for us such a simple thing to do, that we are humbled and amazed. In one sense it shows that a little kindness goes a very long way!

We were thrilled to see a young lady, who the staff had asked us to pray with, looking the most well and happy we have seen her. She had been suffering from regular seizures, which were having a serious impact on her health. We praise God for such a transformation.

A man we'll call "B" has a real faith; he doesn’t get to church, so we take church to him. It was wonderful to hear him recount the details of the Good Samaritan drama we had 'performed' - a bit hammy, but fun!- as he wanted to show us he had taken it in.

A lady called "M" now talks of belief in God where for a long time she has struggled to believe. We were privileged to pray at the end for three residents - this is a big step of trust - in God and in us. We are talking to the manager soon about possibilities of extending the work, to include activities that will improve the mental wellbeing of all the residents. Prayers would be appreciated as we plan for this.

In His Name
Elaine Cordon and Sandra Kibble

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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