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Elaine Cordon & Sandra Kibble

Tamworth Newsletter Winter 2018

Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains. 
Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains.

Sandra and Elaine have continued taking services in the residential home for those with mental health issues.

We were particularly thrilled with the ‘alternative to halloween’ party that we put on. There was much laughter and fun as we played silly games, had an old-fashioned beetle drive and got people on their feet to dance the Macarena. Strictly watch out!

Our Carol Service, as we re-told the first Christmas, was a joyous event. We were asked some good questions, such as the significance of the gifts brought by the wise men. Several of the staff came to both the party and the Carol Service - a real encouragement.

Very recently, the theme for the service was 'Jesus, the Light of the World'. Sandra gave her testimony, and afterwards J said it had really spoken to her, as she is going through similar things. We were able to pray with her, particularly for physical healing. B too requested prayer as he was very concerned for a family member, and he was able to give it to God. We always come out on such a high as we see how much God loves us all, bringing His light into dark situations.

Sandra also goes into another place for those struggling with their mental health. She is able to chat and sometimes pray with individuals. We would love to do more here, but our attempts so far have been unsuccessful. Please pray that God will open the right doors for us.

In His Name
Elaine Cordon and Sandra Kibble

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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