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Elaine Cordon & Sandra Kibble

Tamworth Newsletter Winter 2019

Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains. 
Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains.

Well, the last two years have caused us all to get creative in how we can share the Good News. Whilst it has not been possible to go into the residential home where we have been working for several years, Sandra and I made the most of the outdoor space there. Easter saw us flipping pancakes and trying to keep up with the demand! We were thrilled that residents braved the cold to have some food and a chat. We had a very happy garden party in the summer where friendships were renewed as we played games and had a singalong. Much cake and cups of tea were consumed as the sun shone down on us. We were able too to bless the residents at Christmas with hand-knitted bags for the ladies and Christmas socks for the men, along with “smellies” and seasonal chocs. At the beginning of the first lockdown, Sandra and I got into the habit of phoning each other every morning to chat and pray together. We have kept this up for the last two years, which has meant regular prayer for people we know as well as wider issues in the world. It has helped our mental well-being also in giving us positives to focus on in uncertain times. I must mention too how Sandra has organised decoration of the village postbox which is situated directly outside the local church. Harvest, Remembrance Day and the Nativity have been some of the themes portrayed and people in the village have loved seeing the different scenes. Sometimes we can only do the little things, but we trust in God to use them for His glory.

In His Name
Elaine Cordon and Sandra Kibble

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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