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Elaine Cordon & Sandra Kibble

Tamworth Newsletter Winter 2019

Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains. 
Elaine Cordon, from the Tamworth Team, entertains.

We continue to go in to the residential home for people who need full time care because of mental health issues, to conduct a short Christian service. Our aim is that through songs, stories and drama, people are helped to grow in their understanding of God, and to grasp that they are precious to Him.

We are always touched by the welcome we are given, as well as a willingness to receive prayer. Our main aim is always to present the Good News of salvation, as staff members sometimes sit in and folks wander through. We do feel that by showing love and respect, by taking the time to listen to and pray for people, this can speak more than any words we say.

One of our little congregation talked at our last service of how she loves God, which is a massive step forward in her faith journey.

We are also delighted to say that, following a conversation with the manager, we are expanding our work there. Sandra and I will be going in to take activities as well. We’ve had some fun doing chair exercise to music; it helps the residents’ mental well-being as well as getting their bodies fitter. We have had a couple of craft sessions too, which were very much enjoyed. Plans over the coming months will include gardening, playing instruments and making things to eat.

It has been wonderful building relationships both with residents and staff, and we look forward to all the good times we’ll share together in the year ahead.

In His Name
Elaine Cordon and Sandra Kibble

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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