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Sandra Kibble

Sandra Kibble 
Sandra Kibble

I lived with my husband Ernie on our narrowboat for many years, sharing the Good News with those we met on our travels, having a special ministry in prayer. Ernie became firm friends with Patrick when he and Elaine Cordon bought a boat of their own. Sadly, these two wonderful men were both diagnosed with cancer and died within nine months of each other.

However, God opened up a new ministry for me. Through a contact with a residential home for people with mental health issues, I felt these people needed to hear about the love of God. So, for a little while now, along with Elaine, I have had the privilege of going in to take an informal service which contains drama, stories and songs. The people love it and are very open to us praying for particular needs.

A new opportunity came along during my weekly visit to the local mental health hospital. I was asked by a member of staff if weI would consider visiting the other wing of the hospital too. A door swinging open which took us completely by surprise! This is a very new venture with its own challenges, but we know God will meet all our needs as He does in everything.

I also take a service with Elaine in a nursing home, with songs and a simple Gospel message, which is a delight. To see people singing along to Christian songs, who have very little speech or ability to communicate, is touching and humbling.

We are still open to ‘sharing God’s love on the waterways’, but for now are following God in where He is leading us. To quote one of our oft-used songs, "This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine"!

Sandra Kibble

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.