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Canal Ministries
Sharing God’s Love on the Waterways

Canal Ministries - on the Inland Waterways

Sharing God's Word on the Waterways

The Canal Ministries team consists of a number of Christian evangelists crewing or living aboard a number of boats on the inland waterways of the UK, and a landbased team doing what they can and representing Canal Ministries in local churches and other locations.

The teams also operate several "day" or "trip" boats offering various services as described in other areas on the Website. The evangelists are supported by a team of Trustees and a group of "Associates", who dedicate time to pray for the work carried out by the Charity.

Peace of the Canals 
Peaceful scene on the Canals

Our purpose is to both to talk about Jesus and the Christian faith and to reach out to people who we are brought into contact with on our waterways and towpaths. These people may be working, boating, fishing, walking, running, cycling, sitting, living, or by the waterways for any other reason(s). We make ourselves available to listen. This includes offering help to Canal & River Trust staff and volunteers, particularly when they have experienced an accident or other trauma.

At present, we have a group based at the western end of the Kennet & Avon Canal. Others cruise around the system to where God is calling them. Two of our team are land based, working with a residential home for people with mental health issues in the Tamworth area.

Team members are ready to help anyone in trouble on or around the waterways. They will always lend an ear and help out in any practical way they can. As a charity, we will try and help any boater suffering genuine hardship for whatever reason. This includes working with outside agencies as and when appropriate.

Our Boaters are backed up by a team of Trustees, to whom they are responsible. Both Boaters and Trustees are available for teaching and training God’s people and churches throughout the country, not necessarily by the waterways. We make ourselves available to any church, group or organisation that can use the variety of gifts with which the Lord has blessed us. We are always happy to come and talk to churches about the work we do.

Our Boaters are self supporting and do not receive a salary. They also belong to the Boaters' Christian Fellowship, although Canal Ministries is a separate organisation with its own trustees.

Below is a short video about the work on Canal Ministries. Click on the arrow to play, and click on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner if you wish to make it full screen.

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