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Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy Statement.

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Working on the Inland Waterways, Canal Ministries regards the protection of all vulnerable people as one of the key factors of our operation. In the interests of the safety and well being of all vulnerable people groups, it has developed and operates a formal safeguarding policy.

Canal Ministries is registered with thirtyone:eight (formerly CCPAS). thirtyone:eight are an independent Christian safeguarding charity which helps individuals, organisations, charities, faith and community groups to protect vulnerable people from abuse. Our thirtyone:eight membership number is 3890.

Canal Ministries is committed to ensuring that everyone working with children or young people:

As part of Canal Ministries commitment to safeguarding all we come into contact with we have appointed trustee and volunteers into key roles as identified in our policy.

Should Canal Ministries have any child protection concerns it will seek the advice from thirtyone:eight and if, appropriate, contact the statutory authorities.

Canal Ministries:

If you have any concerns for a child or in relation to any child protection matter then please speak to one of the Child Protection Co-ordinators.

Further information about safeguarding generally, training in child protection, and other related information can be obtained from:

PO Box 133
Telephone: 0303 003 1111
Email: info@thirtyoneeight.org
Web: www.thirtyoneeight.org

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(Please note that our safeguarding policy is being reviewed and updated. January 2023).