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Litania - Rob & Trish Munday

Narrowboat Litania Newsletter Summer 2019

Litania - mission, café, Alpha 
Litania - mission, café, Alpha

Litania is in use through the year with the café club, delivering food parcels and winter fuel and, of course, hosting the Alpha course. She has been a great resource for all the team. It is in the summer that she is used as the ‘Special Boat for Special People’, as described on her website www.litania.uk.

This year we had groups with additional needs from all age groups, with one particular special school having a tailor-made weekly course for all their classes over 5 weeks, where they took it in turns to have varying crew activities. Fun and laughter was a characteristic of the older groups who came, and the joy was contagious to passing boaters and walkers.

The memory clubs, with cream tea, enjoyed the sedate pace and quiet of the canals. Wherever possible we encouraged boating activity on locks, swing bridges and at the helm. For many who struggle with the pace of life around them, being able to actually crew the boat gave a real sense of achievement.

As the boat is heated, it can be used all the year round and we look forward to more blessing this autumn as we gear up for a new Alpha afloat as well as pastoral visits.

In His Name
Rob and Trish Munday
NB Litania

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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