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Spring Water - Andy & Sue Smith

Narrowboat Spring Water Newsletter Summer 2021

Andy and Sue at the Alpha Leadership Conference. 
Andy and Sue at the Alpha Leadership Conference.

Andy and I began cruising this summer on 5 June to join some of our dear friends in Canal Ministries and Boaters' Christian Fellowship at Water Eaton for a mini-mission, which ran from 12-20 June.

Some of the team arrived in boats, others in motor homes/camper vans and still others visited us in cars. We came together to share fellowship with each other and share the love of God with those we met.

It was certainly a delight to be with our Christian family, especially after months of Lockdown. Each morning we would gather together in a beautiful park near the boats to worship the Lord, pray and receive teaching from our leaders.

After this, some of us set up tables & chairs so that we could offer refreshments from Beacon. Beacon is a day boat that had kindly been lent to us by a Church in Aylesbury. On it we were also able to offer free trips to the public.

These trips were well received by all and, thanks to a lady from Water Eaton Baptist Church, they were booked ahead of time in line with Covid Regulations. Indeed, it was because of Covid that we were not able to have a full Mission.

Nevertheless, each day, apart from Friday (when rain stopped play), Beacon was in good demand and we took the opportunity to give away, to those who were interested, various Christian literature to the adults and books with colouring to the children.

On various occasions, different team members went for prayer walks around the area and were able to offer prayers to those in need. Praise God!

During our time there many valuable conversations took place over the refreshments and we pray that as seeds of God's love and truth were sown, that He will water these so that many will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Behind this amazing week has been a host of people praying for its success and Praise the Lord - He answered their prayers. So thank you to everyone of you who prayed.

We are now praying for next year when we plan to return if God allows. In the meantime, we trust that God will do all He promises us in Isaiah 55:11 -

"so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." Amen.

Every Blessing in Him
Andy and Sue Smith
NB Spring Water

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