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Days of Elijah - David & Carole Brennand

Narrowboat Days of Elijah Newsletter Winter 2019

David & Carole Brennand. 
David & Carole Brennand.

As Christians, we don’t believe every good thing must always come to an end. However, for us there has been one rather sad 'ending'. Days of Elijah, our boat, has had to be sold. It had to happen one day. It was due to a rather late onset of Muscular Dystrophy, which meant that David cannot be sure of balancing well enough when working the boat.

So someone else, we don’t know who, is now the new owner. We intend to continue our commitment to Canal Ministries and Boaters' Christian Fellowship as much as geriatric health permits. We still pray regularly the good news about Jesus as it continues to be shared on our waterways.

We’re happy to have boaters and friends keep in touch when practical, especially if you are this side of the Ribble link.

So, finally, thank you, Lord, for giving us and our companions so many blessings and so much protection, sometimes known and sometimes taken for granted, during our many years of sailing and boating, deep sea, off-shore, lakes rivers and canals – each so differently enjoyable.

Our warmest Christmas greetings and good wishes for the New Year.

In His Name
David and Carole Brennand
NB Days of Elijah

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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"Days of Elijah" moored by a tarmac towpath. 
"Days of Elijah" in happier times.
"Days of Elijah" being lifted out of the water. 
"Days of Elijah" being lifted out of the water.
"Days of Elijah" leaving on the back of a low loader. 
Farewell, "Days of Elijah".
"Days of Elijah" on the wide expanse of the Ribble Link. 
Crossing the Ribble on "Days of Elijah".