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Narrowboat Trinity Newsletter Summer 2018

Henry Kingsnorth skippering Trinity. 
Henry Kingsnorth skippering Trinity.

This year has been quite eventful, with serious medical issues for both of us.

Our doctors are in Harefield, so we contacted Canal and River Trust if we could overstay in Rickmansworth. After filling in all the relevant documents and sending them to CRT, we were given permission to stay from May to the end of August.

In July, we met a lady living on her own on a narrow boat and we exchanged phone numbers. Two days later she phoned us up on distress. She had chest pain and felt very weak. Henry called the ambulance and waited on the road to direct them to her boat, whilst Lin stayed with her. She was very receptive for Lin to pray for her.

The lady was taken to Watford General Hospital, as she was having a heart attack. She has permission to stay in Rickmansworth for 3 months. She stops and chats to us every time she walks her dog and remains open to the Gospel. We are grateful to CRT for allowing us to stay in one place.

We thank God for answered prayers.

In His Name
Henry and Lin Kingsnorth
NB Trinity

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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