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Narrowboat Kairos Newsletter Spring 2018

Chris & Sally Buck 
Chris & Sally Buck

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After having been backwards and forwards between Sidmouth (at Sally’s father's) and our boat, Kairos (in Caen Hill Marina) for the last 6 months or so we are looking forward to a bit more movement on the waterways. We are reminded that God knows the plans He has for us, and they are for good and not disaster (Jer 29:11). Sometimes, though, the plans that are in our heads don’t quite correspond with the plans that God has for us. But, we have to believe that we are in safe hands and these changes are for our good and are a growing, learning and trusting curve.

We had a brilliant time in February at Shallowford House at the annual Canal Ministries conference, meeting up with friends old and new. This was followed by a few days in Ellesmere, with Chris doing some work on a friend's house. Then we were back to Caen Hill Marina in our home for a few days. Our time of excessive road travel is coming to an end and, in a couple of weeks, we will be based around Devizes until the end of March, where Chris has a central heating system to upgrade and a bathroom to fit.

Chris, Sally & Kairos 
Chris, Sally & Kairos

As we said in the previous paragraph we have plans but, whether this time next year we will be saying they are changed, only time will tell. However, we hope to be leaving Caen Hill Marina at the end of March and heading towards Bath to have a new Cratch and Pram cover made. At the end of July beginning of August, we are leading a small Canal Ministries mission in Ellesmere Shropshire, which is being put together as we write. This is exciting and nerve wracking too, as we are putting it together, but we trust that God will supply all the needs to do this.

So, the end of April beginning of May should see us heading, on a slower pace this time, towards Ellesmere. We are hopefully travelling with Gospel Belle during this time. We really pray this time of travelling will be an opportunity to meet and pray with people on the way so we can share God's love with them. It will also be a time of faith for us, as Chris won’t have regular work. So, we are praying that we can trust in God for our needs too.

In His Name
Chris and Sally Buck
NB Kairos

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Kairos at Bathampton 
Kairos at Bathampton