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Ocho - Rob & Trish Munday

Narrowboat Ocho Newsletter Summer 2019

Rob & Trish Munday on Ocho. 
Rob & Trish Munday on Ocho

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After a hard winter cruising around Stafford, we were able to make our way south and the extra space on Ocho meant we could welcome friends and family to stay over with us as we journeyed.  We arrived back on the K&A in late May and were straight into work on Litania.

In June, a good friend from Uganda, Bryan, came to do his dental elective in the area and stayed with us on the boat. (In a fast fading previous existence, Rob was a dentist and with Tricia had visited Uganda, where Tricia grew up). Bryan’s previous experiences of boats were canoes on Lake Victoria, so he was gratefully and pleasantly surprised to enjoy the comparative luxury of narrow boating. We had invited him to stay with us long before we had bought Ocho, so the Lord probably had his comfort in mind when he led us to a boat with a self-contained cabin at the rear!

The Canal Ministries logo is well known among boaters and with so many skills in the team we are able to meet or refer requests for help and support. The logo is unambiguous and will often draw a comment from passersby and gives encouragement and good fellowship with other believers visiting on foot or by boat.

Having lived on the boat for several years, we are getting to know and appreciate the other boaters here and it is a privilege to be part of the community and to share in and pray for many of the dramas that accompany life afloat. This will be our first winter on the bigger boat and we will be able to offer more hospitality, which will be especially useful during the Alpha course which we plan to run again this autumn.

In His Name
Rob and Trish Munday
NB Ocho

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

Dedication of Ocho (No 8) at Stone - on a very cold February Sunday. 
Dedication of Ocho (No 8) at Stone - on a very cold February Sunday.