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Narrowboat Ichthus Newsletter Summer 2018

John & Barbara Froggatt 
John & Barbara Froggatt

The summer just seems to have rushed by, and we're looking at getting coal in and the likes.

We had an unusual start to the year, with John working on some of the trip boats on the River Thames. Though not what we had planned, God has provided for us. We have also been able to move our home up and down a little more than usual. We even had the opportunity of going to London to see the Queen’s troops Beat Retreat.

We worship and have fellowship at Thatcham Baptist Church, who continue to care for and support us. John has also had several opportunities to take and lead services at churches throughout Berkshire. Although it may seem strange, two churches who have been without a minister for some time, and where John has stepped in to help, have now been blessed to appoint permanent ministers. It’s not often we pray ourselves out of a job!

There is also encouraging news in that Thatcham Baptist Church has appointed a full time person to co-ordinate efforts to share God’s love with the youth and schools locally. They feel that it is evident from the success with the schools during last year’s mission that they would like to continue this work.

Please pray that we keep our eyes and ears open to all opportunities that God sends us.

In His Name
John and Barbara Froggatt
NB Ichthus

Canal Ministries - sharing God's Love on the Inland Waterways.

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